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South Bay, California

Success Stories


“My name is Shannynne and Casa de los Angelitos helped out many years ago when I found myself pregnant and alone.  I was working at Starbucks when I became pregnant.  The man I was supposed to marry decided to change his mind and my parents told me I  was on my own.  I found Casa when I was about 6 months pregnant and they welcomed me with open arms.  While at Casa I gave birth to my beautiful daughter who I named Dove.  Also while there I met by best friend Patricia.  This amazing woman told me I needed a career so she took me to school with her to become a medical assistant.  We worked so hard at school and dreamed of becoming nurses together.  Tragedy struck and God took my best friend to heaven.  I wanted to honor Patricia so I kept on with my schooling.  I am now a nurse and still going to school to one day become a doctor and will soon be getting married.  I want to show my daughter that no matter what, if you want something bad enough and are willing to do the hard work, you can make your dreams come true.”