Maternity Home
South Bay, California


Entrance Criteria for Applicants – no discrimination based on race or religion

Must be 18 years or older

Possess a valid ID, proof of pregnancy, negative STD and TB test results and current drug test results

Program fees are $200 monthly

Drug-free and sober for at least 6 months

Applicants must be willing to:

Apply for TANF (GR and Calworks), Food Stamps (Cal Fresh) and the WIC programs

Secure appropriate medical services and attend all scheduled appointments

Attend counseling sessions, parenting and life skill classes

Attend school, go to work or do volunteer services

Submit to random drug testing

Participate in goal planning and commit to following through on their individual program plans

Life Skills and Parenting Program

Structured, nurturing living environment throughout pregnancy and for 3 months after the birth

Personal care items, clothing and food as well as baby care items and furnishings

Individual and group counseling services

Classes in pre and post natal, labor and delivery, infant care and parenting

Instruction in nutrition, budgeting, personal organization and time management

Transportation to medical, counseling and other appointments

Support in securing advanced education and employment

Assistance in securing safe, affordable community housing after the baby is 3 months old